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Art Acoustic Panels

If you can't find the right look with our House Acoustic and Pro Acoustic fabric options, or want something unique and different for your space, consider having an image printed on an Art Panel.

For our corporate customers - this is a great option to having a more refined look in your reception, common areas, or customer-facing meeting rooms.

For our residential customers - having a meaningful family photo or memory printed on a panel for the rec room or home theatre can compliment your other panels and bring the design of the room together.

Art Panels are designed to be hung on the wall, are available in 3 standard sizes, and have the same amazing acoustic performance as our other offerings.   Art panels have a rigid 2" deep frame and the printed image is a wrapped folded edge - this means that the image wraps over the rigid sides of the panel to fit the frame.  It is important during the image selection process to ensure that none of the essential elements of the image are positioned to0 close to the edges as they may be lost to the wrapped sides of the panel.   

Custom sizes are available upon request.  Please contact our sales team for a quote on your project: 

To purchase this product, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.