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Fire Rating

Our Acoustic Panels finished with Pro Acoustic Fabric have been tested in accordance with the CAN/ULC-S102 Surface Burning Characteristics with the following results:

  • Flame Spread Rating (FSR): 0
  • Smoke Developed Classification (SDC): 25

The full report can be accessed here: APC_FSR_21-002-278

What is the Return/Exchange/Shipping Policy?

Our Return Policy can be found here and our Shipping Policy here.

When will my panels be shipped?

Most orders ship within 5 days, though larger orders may take a little longer. 

Is rush delivery available?

If you are under time constraints for your project, please contact us.  Rush delivery may be available for a fee.  Availability of rush delivery is dependent on the size of your order and our current production volume.   

Can I pick up my order in store?

Yes - you may pick up your order in store.  During checkout of your cart in our online store, customers within 100km of our store will be given the option to pick up their order with no delivery charge.  If you are outside this radius, please contact us and we can arrange for your order without a shipping cost.

Can I purchase panels on a P/O?

Absolutely. Please contact our sales department to arrange your order. 

Can I order panels in a custom size?

APC's panels come in three standard sizes: 24"x48", 24"x24", and 12"x48". Limiting our selection to these sizes helps keeps costs low, and ensures that every panel is made to the same high standard.

Custom sizes may be requested.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.  

How many panels do I need?
The number of panels you'll need, and their placement, depends on a few factors:

  • The room's dimensions
  • The construction materials used
  • Wall & floor finish
  • The room's intended use
  • Any existing wall coverings, draperies, and furniture in the room

For home theaters and project recording studios, 2 panels will yield an immediate improvement when placed at the first reflection points. For boardrooms and other open spaces, four panels will make a noticeable improvement.

You can contact us for more information if you're unsure about the best treatment for your space. 

Where should my panels be placed?
In conference rooms, office spaces, and call centres, panels should be used to cover the "barest" sections of wall and ceiling. In home theaters and recording studios, consider placing panels at first reflection points and around noise sources. To control bass, panels are generally more effective when mounted diagonally across a room's corners.

A useful guideline: Consider where most listeners in the room will sit, and where most of the sound in the room is generated. (e.g. Stereo speakers, a TV, or a speaker phone in the middle of a conference table.) Place panels as if banking a pool shot off the walls, halfway between the sound and the listeners.

Can the panels be used to soundproof a room?
Proper soundproofing requires special materials and construction techniques. However, our panels absorb a lot of the echoes within a room, and this in turn means there's less sound bouncing around to travel through the wall. Further, depending on some details of your room's construction, it might be possible to cover an entire wall with our panels, which will significantly reduce sound transfer through the wall. In the case of "conversational" noise (rather than, say, noise from music or machinery), this approach usually works well enough that no further sound-proofing is required. 

What are the panels' technical specifications?

Please see our Product Data Sheet for more details.

Why would I need extra mounting brackets?
Our panels have a sturdy frame, but are light enough that they can be moved by a single person. With extra mounting kits, you can set up alternate positions for the panels, and easily switch between positions as your needs require.

This is especially useful in recording environments, where the panels can do double-duty, at the mixing position and around instruments or noise sources.

Which safety standard requirements does the optional Flame Guard treatment meet on the House Acoustic Fabric?

  • CAN/ULC S-109-M87
  • CAN2-4.2-M77
  • NFPA701
  • TMVSS302
  • CA TB 117 (E)

Certificates are available with your order, on request at no charge.