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As-Is House Acoustic Panels
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Blem List Update July 10, 2024

All of these blemished panels ("Blems") have a flaw - either a fabric flaw like a stain or tear; or a manufacturing flaw like a pull in the fabric or the frame having a slight bend.

The acoustical properties of Blems have not been compromised.  These panels are well suited for budget conscious consumers or locations where aesthetics are not a priority.   

The amount of discount is dependent on the complexity of the flaw - minor flaws like small fabric pulls or tiny spots are generally $30-35 off and major flaws like large visible stains or fabric flaws on the front will be $40-50 off.  Most minor blemishes are not visible from a few feet away or can only be seen from certain angles. 

Where the description of the blemish starts with FR - the blemish is on the front of the panel.  Where the description starts with BA - the blemish is on the back.

Weave flaws are a common occurrence in the fabric we use.  They can be difficult to spot.  They are generally a missing or extra thread in the weave or what appears to be a narrow line of a slightly darker/lighter dye.  Weave flaws "disappear" at different angles and in different lighting.

Full descriptions of the blemish or flaw can be found on the Blem List.

Other sizes, configurations, and colours may be available.  If you have a specific need, please contact our sales team and we can check inventory.

Important Note: Blem panels are sold as-is and may not have the full configuration options available like our full-priced panels.  This may be because the hardware has already been installed (i.e. Horizontal Baffle) or the structure inside the panel doesn't support a certain configuration (i.e. Horizontal Wall).  

To purchase, match the tag ID from the Blem List to the drop-down list on this product page and add to your cart. 

Standard shipping rates will apply.

Blems usually ship within 2-3 days of purchase, are final sale and may not be exchanged, returned, or refunded.

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