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12" x 48" Ceiling - Pro Acoustic Fabric

  • $9499

This 12"x48" Ceiling Panel features our premium Premium Acoustic Fabric available in 25 rich contemporary colours.  They deliver exceptional sound absorption to reduce reverberations and noise escalations in your room.

Ceiling Panels are hung parallel to the ceiling like a cloud to absorb and minimize sound escalations and reverberations in rooms of all sizes.

These narrow Ceiling Panels are typically used in tighter spaces or smaller rooms but may also be combined together as a solution to fit larger rooms.

Choice of mounting is easy with either eye and hook screws combo for hollow wall applications (i.e. drywall) or with slide clips to a suspended t-bar ceiling. 


  • Lightweight PVC frame
  • Baffle measures 12" x 48" and is 2" thick*
  • Semi-rigid commercial grade acoustic mineral wool or fiberglass core
  • Gallery Wrap Fabric Finish
  • Pro Acoustic Fabric
    • Fabric manufactured & woven in Canada
    • Infused with stain/water repellent
    • Eco-friendly performance polyester utilizing recycled plastic bottles
    • Subtle weave pattern to provide texture and depth
    • Acoustically Transparent
  • Excellent sound absorption properties - 0.9 NRC
  • Pre-installed mounting hardware for easy installation

Fire Rating

Our Acoustic Panels finished with Pro Acoustic Fabric have been tested in accordance with the CAN/ULC-S102 Surface Burning Characteristics with the following results:

  • Flame Spread Rating (FSR): 0
  • Smoke Developed Classification (SDC): 40 (or 25 if the protective scrim back is removed)  

The full report can be accessed here: FSR Ratings


  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Large Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Lecture and Conference Halls
  • Libraries, Quiet, and Mediation Rooms
  • Offices
  • Community and Worship Centres
  • Gymnasiums
  • Retail Establishments
  • Home and Professional Recording Studios
  • Home and Public Theatres
  • Any other space experiencing noise escalations and reverberations

*nominal dimensions

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