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24" x 24" Pure™ Bleach Cleanable

  • $17499

24" x 24" Pure® Acoustic Panels feature high-performance bleach cleanable fabrics.  They can be mounted on the wall or to the ceiling.

Pure® Acoustic Panels fix acoustic issues in medical and dental clinics, hospitals, labs, kitchens, restaurants, clean rooms, and any other space that requires strict cleaning protocols. 

Featuring Guilford of Maine's "Studio 54" fabric, these panels are easily cleaned with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents.  May be cleaned with a 4:1 water-to-bleach solution. Rinse well after cleaning. May also be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and quaternary ammonium (quat) based cleaners.


  • Lightweight PVC frame that resists warping, bending, and sagging
  • Semi-rigid commercial grade acoustic mineral wool core that is moisture, mold & mildew resistant 
  • Durable wipeable & cleanable fabric
  • Gallery Wrap Fabric Finish
  • Simple and quick to mount
  • High NRC rating of 0.9
  • Available in 3 Standard Sizes*
    • 12"x48"
    • 24"x24"
    • 24"x48"
  • Custom sizes available


* nominal dimensions

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