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24" x 48" Bass Trap - Pro Acoustic Fabric

  • $29999

This 24"x48"x4" Bass Trap features our premium Pro Acoustic Fabric available in 25 rich contemporary colours.

Bass Traps are thicker acoustic panels with more acoustic material. As their name suggests, these panels "trap" unwanted bass frequency noise and reverberation.

Bass Traps are especially important in home theatres, recording studios, and critical listening areas where bass attenuation is of paramount importance.

If your system has a subwoofer and your listening experience lacks the punch you expected, Bass Traps will be a welcome addition to your space.

Depending on your requirement, Bass Traps can be mounted across the corners of the room, flush to the wall, or from the ceiling.



  • Lightweight frame
  • Panel measures 24" x 48" and is 4" thick*
  • Semi-rigid stone wool core
  • Gallery wrap fabric finish
  • Pro Acoustic Fabric:
    • Manufactured & woven in Canada
    • Infused with stain & water repellent
    • Eco-friendly performance polyester utilizing recycled water bottles
    • Subtle weave pattern to provide texture and depth
    • Acoustically transparent
  • High NRC rating of 1.1
  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Flat wall, cross corner, or ceiling mountable 


*Nominal dimensions

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