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As-Is Assorted Panels
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As-Is Assorted Panels updated July 10, 2024

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These panels are all sold "As-Is".  They may have a small blemish, be older inventory, or are overstock.   They might be a bit dusty from storage.  You can find a description of the "as-is" condition in the "As-is list".   

For these panels, the hardware has already been afixed and the panel cannot be reconfigured (i.e. has had the wall clips put on the back or toggles inserted for baffle hooks). 

The acoustical properties of these panels have not been compromised.  These panels are well suited for budget conscious consumers or locations where aesthetics are not a priority.    

SOFT PVC DEFECT! We had a recent defect with our PVC frames - our manufacturer extruded the PVC too soft on one batch.  This resulted in a small percentage of our panels where the frames were bending near the corners - it looks like someone pushed down on the frames causing them to bend slightly inwards.  Otherwise the panels are fantastic :-)  All new materials, same high level acoustic properties.  These are a great deal for someone on a budget!!  These have been clearly marked on the "as-is list".    

You can find a description of the "as-is" condition in the "As-is list". 

Other sizes, configurations, and colours may be available.  If you have a specific need, please contact our sales team and we can check inventory.

To purchase, match the tag ID from the "As-Is List" to the drop-down list on this product page and add to your cart. 

Standard shipping rates will apply.

As-Is Panels usually ship within 2-3 days of purchase, are final sale and may not be exchanged, returned, or refunded.

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